Henry Matarrita is a member in good standing of the Global Network of Evangelists, formerly known as the Next Generation Alliance.

Heather Zimny

Operations & Events Manager - Global Network of Evangelists, Luis Palau Certified Member

Shalom! I have known Henry and Darlene for almost two decades and I have always admired their zeal for the Lord and passion to preach the Gospel to the Jew first and also to the Gentiles. They are courageous servants of Jesus and preach the Good News in some very difficult and challenging places, like Israel, Thailand and in various spots in Africa…and more! They are dear personal friends and I hope you will pray for them and support their work in any way the Lord leads you. I know that if you do – many more people will hear a clear message of salvation and forgiveness through the One true, Messiah of Israel and Savior of the world.

Dr. Mitch Glaser

President, Chosen People Ministries

For over 20 years I have said to folks in my church that our financial investment in the gospel ministry of Henry and Darlene is the best investment we could make. What I have so appreciated is how consistent and persistent Henry and Darlene have proven to be. Though some things change around them, they continue to take our great gospel and proclaim it wherever God leads them…fearlessly. If you are new to World Mission Outreach and Henry and Darlene specifically, please take my word that they have a proven track record with me and our church family.

Pastor Dave Mobley

Woodridge Community Church, New Berlin, WI

For many years, I read a lot about Israel and the Jewish people and prayed for them. However, the teachings of WMO about Israel were life changing for me: I learned to understand the importance of my role as a gentile believer for the salvation of Israel, and our Christian responsibility toward the Jewish people. My church collected offerings and gave them to charities for the poor in Israel. This was good, however our first call as Christians is to support those ministries that bring the Gospel to the Jews since the Gospel is the most important and valuable thing anyone can give them. That’s what they need most!

Pastor Piniel Lucumay

Ebenezer Pentecost Church Losinoni, Arusha, Tanzania

It is completely challenging and huge blessings in my life. I never heard nor was taught to reach the Jewish people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ based on Romans 1:16. I can’t express how much I am blessed by Ps Henry’s teaching. It has revolutionized my personal life and ministry after hearing about reaching Jewish people with Jesus. I am fully loaded with blessings after I heard, applied and made a decision to reach Jewish people in Nepal with Jesus. I work in the remote mountain region doing trekking, and I made a decision that I will carry English gospel literature and pass it on the Jewish people and share about Jesus Christ. Thank you!

Pastor Syam Lama

Vineyard Church, Thasikhel- Kathmandu-Nepal

I praise God for your calling to win the world for Christ. When I was praying for you I remembered how God has used you to bless my country Tanzania: He used to you to build a church building in Tenende Mbeya Kyela, to bring a team from Greece who build a church for a Masai tribe in Morogoro, and to bring a team from Hawaii to build another church for a Masai tribe in the remote areas in Arusha. All these wonders happened because of your commitment to deliver the churches in Africa, especially in my country Tanzania. I give glory to God for all the teams you brought. I am grateful and thankful that He joined us as a team to bring the Gospel to Jews and Gentiles. I thank God for you. May He continue to use you and bless you abundantly.

Pastor Emmanuel Mwasunga

Mbeya Pentecostal Christian Church, Tanzania