“And Jesus came up and spoke to them saying, ‘All authority has been given to Me in heaven and earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, to the end of the age.'”

Welcome to your new life in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus)!

Now that you’ve received the most precious gift of God the Father, His Son Jesus the Messiah, we want to help you to grow. This simple resource aims to assist you in your next steps as a disciple and follower of Jesus, providing you with resources to aid in your new walk with the Lord, and to encourage you toward the fulfillment of His Great Commission – to make disciples of all the nations.

Below you will find four sections to help you take your first steps of faith and develop your relationship with the Lord!

Baptism is commanded by God of all believers and is the first step for those who accept Jesus as Messiah. It is an outward expression of the internal transformation that takes place in your heart upon salvation. Salvation is by faith alone in Jesus Christ alone, and is not added to or completed by baptism, but it is an important and beautiful illustration of our salvation, transformation, and sanctification through Jesus.

As a new follower of Jesus, you have been adopted into the family of God and have been given the blessing of not having to go through life on your own. There are brothers and sisters in Christ who are ready to help you learn and grow as a disciple of Jesus. You are not alone!

It is important for all believers to be connected to a local congregation and you can find some resources below that can help you find a home congregation in your community.

Praying and reading God’s Word (Bible) are instrumental in your personal growth as a follower of Messiah Jesus.

Prayer: Simply put, prayer is speaking with God. It is your direct line of communication with the Father.

Word of God: The Bible is sometimes referred to by the acronym Believers’ Instructions Before Leaving Earth. It is His Word through which God reveals Himself – His ways, character, love, plan, and purpose – and instructs believers in Messiah Jesus on how to live as His redeemed and beloved children while on this earth.

Find more information on Prayer and Reading the Word of God below.

Now that you are learning and growing in the Lord, it’s time to turn your eyes outward and share the love of Jesus with those God has placed around you.

Your Testimony: Your testimony is the story of you and how you came to receive Jesus as your Savior. Your testimony is a powerful tool that can encourage others and even draw someone else to enter into the joy of their salvation.

Serving: Considering all that the Lord has done for us through Christ Jesus, the natural response is a desire to serve Him. Two wonderful ways to do this is by serving your local body of believers, and by sharing your faith (both locally and wherever the Lord takes you!). The Lord created you and has given you gifts in order to serve Him and the family of God around you.

Find more information about your Testimony and ways to Serve below.

More resources to Mature in Messiah

We have compiled some excellent Biblical Resources in order to help you grow into a mature believer in the Messiah Jesus.

GROW DEEPER ~ Learn More

Take the next steps of faith


What is baptism? Like mentioned above, baptism is an act of obedience and outward expression of an internal transformation. This outward expression is a testimony of your heart and new identinty in Jesus, like a wedding ring is an outward symbol of marriage.

The act of water baptism illustrates the believers born-again experience. Your submersion in the water represents your old self dying with Jesus, and the birth of your new self as you are brought back out of the water.

You can be baptized by another believing follower of Jesus Christ. Whether it be the pastor or other leader of your congregation, or a family member or friend. You can ask whoever you choose to be the one to baptise you!

The Bible says that there is another baptism, the baptism of the Holy Spirit of God (Acts 1:5). God has a triune nature, meaning one God, made up of three persons: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. Upon accepting Jesus as your saviour, repenting of your sins, and trusting Him for the  forgiveness of your sins, you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38).

The Holy Spirit is the helper sent by God to teach, comfort, and guide you through this world into the plans and purposes He has for you (John 14:26). The Holy Spirit is also the seal of our salvation and marks us as children of God (Ephesians 1:13-14).

Take a moment to read the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8:26-40) as an example of baptism in the Bible. You can find this story in the box to the right.

ACTS 8:26-40

So, when they had solemnly testified and spoken the word of the Lord, they started back to Jerusalem, and were preaching the gospel to many villages of the Samaritans. But an angel of the Lord spoke to Philip, saying, “Get ready and go south to the road that descends from Jerusalem to Gaza.” So he got ready and went; and there was an Ethiopian eunuch, a court official of Candace, queen of the Ethiopians, who was in charge of all her treasure; and he had come to Jerusalem to worship, and he was returning and sitting in his chariot, and was reading Isaiah the prophet. Then the Spirit said to Philip, “Go up and join this chariot.” Philip ran up and heard him reading Isaiah the prophet, and said, “Do you understand what you are reading?” And he said, “Well, how could I, unless someone guides me?” And he invited Philip to come up and sit with him. Now the passage of Scripture which he was reading was this:

“He was led like a sheep to slaughter;
And like a lamb that is silent before its shearer,
So He does not open His mouth.
“In humiliation His justice was taken away;
Who will describe His generation?
For His life is taken away from the earth.”

The eunuch answered Philip and said, “Please tell me, of whom does the prophet say this? Of himself, or of someone else?” Then Philip opened his mouth, and beginning from this Scripture he preached Jesus to him. As they went along the road they came to some water; and the eunuch said, “Look! Water! What prevents me from being baptized?” And he ordered that the chariot stop; and they both went down into the water, Philip as well as the eunuch, and he baptized him. When they came up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord snatched Philip away; and the eunuch no longer saw him, but went on his way rejoicing. But Philip found himself at Azotus, and as he passed through he kept preaching the gospel to all the cities, until he came to Caesarea.


A home congregation, or church, is a place of worship, family, and support for followers of Jesus.

Some may wonder how important it is to find and attend a home congregation and if they really need to. A home congregation is an invaluable resource for the increasing of your faith, the encouragement and edification of your soul, and for you to grow in the knowledge and understanding of God and His holy Word.  It is also important in providing followers of Jesus the privilege and opportunity to engage in corporate study of God’s word and fellowship with other believers. This will also be the place you can receive wise counsel, find someone to baptize you, and find new ways to serve the Lord.

It is important for your church community to be made up of believers who teach God’s Word, pray, serve one another, preach the gospel of Jesus, and encourage the sharing of that gospel.

Here are some things to look for when finding a home congregation:

1. Do they read and study the Bible and is it used as the true and sole authority concerning the things of God?
2. Do they believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God that is without error, the entirety of which is useful and necessary in the daily lives of believers?
3. Do they study the Bible word by word, line by line, in it’s literal and historical context?
4. Do they preach the pure and simple gospel as it is found in the Bible (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John)?
5. Do they believe that Jesus is not simply the Son of God, but actually God in the flesh?
5. Do they serve one another?
6. Do they engage in reaching the lost, locally and internationally, with the gospel of Jesus?

Though it may take a little time and effort, finding a congregation where you feel welcomed, loved, and encouraged in times of need is possible! Here is a helpful resource to help you find a congregation near you, where you can grow in the Lord and connect with others. Find a Church near you.

“Therefore, brothers and sisters, since we have confidence to enter the holy place by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way which He inaugurated for us through the veil, that is, through His flesh, and since we have a great priest over the house of God, let’s approach God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water. Let’s hold firmly to the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful; and let’s consider how to encourage one another in love and good deeds, not abandoning our own meeting together, as is the habit of some people, but encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day drawing near.” (Hebrews 10:19-25)


Prayer and the Bible are two of the most valuable and important tools you have as a follower of Jesus. These are means by which we communicate with God and He with us!

What is prayer? Prayer is speaking with God! Like with anyone you would want to get to know better, prayer is a meaningful conversation between two people – in this case, you and the Lord. Jesus provides a great example in His own prayers, He sought the Father regularly and had a close, intimate relationship through prayer (Matthew 14:23, 32; Mark 1:35, 14:32-35; Luke 5:16, 6:12, 11:1, 18:1). Prayer is key to a deep personal relationship with God.

You can pray about anything! Your Father knows you and is available to listen and talk to you about anything you want. It is a wonderful thing to be in constant communication with the Father (2 Thessalonians 5:16-18). Below, in the resources box, there is a wonderful guide called ‘The Prayer Hand’ to help you begin practicing prayer.

Through Jesus, in prayer, you have direct access to the throne of God and He is always available to meet with you. He loves you!

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and pleading with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7)


The Bible scriptures are the divine words of God, revealed to man through His faithful servants, and recorded without error to be available to all who desire to know Him. Reading God’s Word is an impactful way for believers to grow in the knowledge of God, His love, His plan and purpose for the redemption of all mankind, and to be instructed on how to live as God’s beloved and redeemed children as we await entrance into the kingdom of Heaven.

When you first start reading the Word of God it may seem a little intimidating or like you aren’t sure you understand what is being said. Don’t worry! Firstly, as a follower of Jesus you have the Holy Spirit to guide and teach you as you are reading the Word of God (John 14:25-26). Additionally, there are effective techniques such as the Inductive Method of Bible study which allows for a fuller understanding of God’s word, by keeping it in the context that it was written (historically, original target audience, cultural practices at the time, etc.) and thus enabling you to glean the true meaning and purpose of what was written. You can find further information on studying the Bible and these techniques in the resource box below.

All Scripture is inspired by God and beneficial for teaching, for rebuke, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man or woman of God may be fully capable, equipped for every good work.” (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

Praying – Additional Resources

God’s Word – Additional Resources

A Beginners Guide to Prayer : Further introduction to help you to gain a clearer understanding of prayer and its role in the life of a believer

The Prayer Hand : A great printable tool to help you remember and practice five essential aspects of prayer

Learn More About Prayer : Here are more resources about a variety of topics related to prayer

What is the Bible? : Watch this fun and creative video in your language to get an overview of the Bible

How to Study the Bible : This resource teaches you how to read and study the Bible for yourself and shares key methods to implement whenever you study the Word of God

The Word Hand : A printable easy-to-remember tool highlighting five methods of learning from the Bible

The Bible Project : The Bible Project is a great resource to grow in your understanding of God’s holy Word



Your story is a powerful tool that the Lord has given you! Your redeemed life testifies to God’s goodness and love, and it glorifies Him when you share it. Your story reminds you of God’s love and can allow you to connect with others, especially those who don’t know Jesus. The transformation of your heart and life are clear evidence of the power and joy of salvation in Jesus, and when shared with others, it can draw them to Jesus as well.

“From that city many of the Samaritans believed in [Jesus] because of the word of the woman who testified, “He told me all the things that I have done.””
(John 4:39)

As you reflect on your story and the beautiful gift of salvation, gratitude to the Lord will likely spur you to share this love and salvation with others. Good! That is your mission (Matthew 28:18-20). Sharing the good news of Jesus with those around you can be easy, below are some resources on how to share your testimony and the gospel of Jesus with others.


You have been created by God for a purpose! The Bible says that you are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works which God prepared beforehand, so that you would walk in them (Ephesians 2:10). The Lord desires for us to serve Him and the body of Christ, and He has given each of us specific gifts in order to carry out this service (Romans 12). You may have gifts, such as being good with your hands, or speaking several languages, which can be used unto the Lord, but you have also been given spiritual gifts to use in serving.

A great way to get started is to ask your local congregation how you can serve in your specific giftings. If you don’t know what gifts God has given you, take a look at the resources below on spiritual gifts. Dont wait! If you have already entered into the previous steps, start serving. There are many opportunities to serve, and there is always a need, even if you don’t see it. Also, if the Lord leads you, you can also join us at WMO and serve internationally.

Your Testimony – Additional Resources

Serving – Additional Resources

You Have a Story! : Each of us has an important story to tell. Be encouraged by these testimonies from people like you

Preparing Your Testimony : Learn to review your story and prepare your personal testimony to be shared with others!

Sharing God’s Love With Your Neighbors : An encouragement and some tips on how to share the love of Jesus with the neighbors God has placed around you

What are My Spiritual Gifts? : Learn more about Spiritual Gifts and what yours are!

How to Use Your Spiritual Gifts : This resource further elaborates on Spiritual Gifts and how you can practically use them to serve others

Serving With World Mission Outreach : Click here to see how you can partner with us at WMO to share the gospel with others

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.” (John 3:16-17)